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It’s been a few weeks since we have reached out to you but we have been planning something big! In these two weeks, we have planned an ambitious project called Cycling Romania With No Money.

You see, there’s a common issue that we get when talking to you, cycling lovers from all around the world: ‘Romania is not safe for cycling or for a holiday for that matter’.

Fortunately for us, this is more of a challenge than an impediment! Our mission at Velo Holidays is to show how beautiful this country really is from a landscape, cultural, spiritual and human perspective.

Exactly 12 months after my adventure crossing Europe from London to Oradea (details on, I am embarking on a different type of crusade! Starting with Monday, 19th of August, I will be cycling Romania from Bucharest to Oradea with the goal to spend no money on food or accommodation. This is to show how welcoming and beautiful people are along the way, so let’s hope they will give me a place to stay and food to fuel my legs.If you are from Romania and you know somebody that could give me a hand along the way, I would strongly appreciate it. 

The Route

My route starts from the “little Paris”, Bucharest. I will be cycling from the beautiful Romanian capital to Oradea – the charming city from which we operate. On my way I will tackle one of the most beautiful and difficult road to cross – Transalpina (reaching 2200 m altitude). Further, I will pass the historic city of Alba Iulia where Romania was formed 100 years ago. Two ski resorts and a few natural parks will fill your eyes with the best landscapes Romania has to offer. All those and many other exciting things will be on blog posts, videos and pictures in the next 10 days! 

My planned itinerary is:

Day 1: Bucharest – Pitesti – 131 km.

Day 2: Pitesti – Novaci – 145km.

Day 3: Novaci – Transalpina – Alba Iulia – 150 km.

Day 4: Alba Iulia – Virtop – 142 km.

Day 5: Virtop – Oradea – 106km.

Total: 673km – 5650 m ascend – 5600 m descent.


Inclinatie Cycling Romania with no Money
Altitude on the route

So join the fun, follow my adventures and let’s hope I won’t die of starvation or thirst. If you are from Romania and you know somebody that could give me a hand along the way, I would strongly appreciate it!


In our next post I will be showing the equipment used on Cycling Romania With No Money. Until then, spread the word, love and follow Velo Holidays for all the exciting adventures to come!

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