Why you should bike every day

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Why you should cycle every day

This is a different type of article – the type that will make you stop what you are doing and go to the first bike shop if you don’t have a bike, or go and hug yours if you do. So, keep reading… Being more than half way through my travels, I would like to stop and take the time to worship this beautiful invention called “bicycle”. It has carried me 2000 kilometres over hills and mountains, rain or sun with strong or weak legs half-way across Europe.
First of all, there is no coincidence that this mean of transport has survived for around 200 years – it’s origins dating from 1817. Although it’s shape and form has hugely changed during years, it’s benefits have out-powered the technological advancements that the industrial revolution has provided (engines, trains, cars, public transport).So what benefits am I talking about?
 Side note: I am referring to the bike as IT to signify the importance it has to me

1.The feeling

On top of my list is the feeling, the thrill the bike provides! From the first time when you have learnt to balance yourself on two wheels, I have hardly found an experience that can give me such a joy with such an ease. It’s the feeling of powering yourself through the woods, fields, down and up a mountain and even on sand, snow or water (hydro-bicycles). The feeling of flying but still being attached to reality – it’s just priceless.

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2. freedom - Velo Holidays

2.The freedom that IT provides

Since I was 8, I had the chance to extend my radius of knowledge – things and places to see with the help of my bike. Now it’s no different! I can say with hand on heart that the bicycle can take you anywhere. And I really mean everywhere! On my trip, I have climbed a ski slope, pass through rivers, downhilled on gravel and sped on asphalt. It has taken me to places where I would have probably never have come to by foot or car. Standing on your saddle – you have 360° of options. The only limit is your imagination!

3.IT’s free

Once you have purchased one, you don’t need tokens to keep going! Cars need fuel, electric scooters need charge, public transport needs tickets. You are free to explore the world, with no time or money constrains. You make your own schedule!

4.IT’S healthy


Maybe I should have started with this! Just commuting to work 2-5 km can burn 300-500 calories. I met an Austrian that was commuting EVERY DAY 80 kilometres to work and he was just about to turn 50.  I always encourage people to use the bike for practical purposes – going to a hobby or a class can combine healthy with useful.

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5.It’s faster than public transport and cars *in cities

In London the transport system is very well developed and maintained. But I could still get to work faster by bike. Same is with every city, due to increase in car usage at rush hours, you could slick away past the traffic on sidewalks or cycling paths. No need to wait for a bus or train – jump on the saddle and you’re ready!


6.IT gives you access to a great community of people


Passing cyclists in England, France, Switzerland, Germany or Austria there has always been a certainty. You would see them with a smile on their face while you salute them AND they will always help you if you are in need. There is no language barrier, we speak cyclish (maybe I should patent this). Moreover, it’s easy to find people with common interests and who knows? You might make a friend or two…



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7.You form a connection with IT


I know lots of cyclists, especially tourers that have named their bike. To such extend you start to care about IT, that if it has a broken part you feel like a close friend is ill. IT becomes a part of you and you know all the good’s and bad’s. That’s why people like to pride themselves with their bikes!


8.IT makes you think and learn new skills


Maybe not a lot of us are certified mechanics but I bet most of us, cyclists, can repair 80% on our bike. And it gives you a great satisfaction when half of the things on the bike have been “tweaked” by you.

9.IT makes you more adventurous

 I left London and found myself in the middle of the Alps. Did you think I planned everything in advance? Nooo… I have planned maybe what I am doing in the first 3 days. After that it was my instinct and ability to make-do. A great adventure this has been that could have not happened without my beautiful “Alpine Dancer”

 10.IT makes you smile – No explanation needed.


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