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Leisure Cycling in Scenic Apuseni Mountains - Transylvania

Tour Highlights: Set in one of the most charming parts of Romania, deep into the heart of Transylvania, the Apuseni Mountains are the perfect set for a relaxed holiday with cultural activities and adventures to do on the way. With untouched landscapes, waterfalls, caves, beautiful gorges and peak views, Velo Holidays will bring a special dose of excitement and unique charm to your usual destination. Experience the Romanian nightlife, do white water rafting or try for the first time a Via Ferrata route. All activities being strung together by cycling in scenic Apuseni Mountains. Enjoy and experience Romania’s one-of-a-kind culture through this Leisure Tour! 


Difficulty level: Easy or Medium
Departure Dates:
23 July – 31 October 2018
Optional: 10 Excursions
Group Size: 2 – 20 People
Duration: 4, 7 or  8 days 
Price: From £785  p.p

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Key Information

* Tailored distance, difficulty, activities and dates for your group

* Features: picnics, rooftop gardens, fish-farms and hikes

* Spectacular caves, waterfalls, underground glaciers, gorges and peak views

* Easy cycling (10-25 km/day) on quiet, scenic roads

* Traditional guesthouses and high-end accommodation with pool and sauna 


What's included

* All meals – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
* Traditional guesthouses or high-end accommodation for all nights

* Personal guide throughout your tour

* All transport included
* Bike hire and custom fitting

* All listed activities and entries to attractions

* Van support

* Free spa treatment (Book until 16th July) 

* Videos and pictures taken by us

* Flights advice

What's not included

– Flights (£150 Estimated Price)
– Travel Insurance

– Optional Excursions 

Excursions to choose from


Via Ferrata






Wine Tasting


Kayak and canoe


Off-road driving

velo_vacation_horseback riding

Horse riding



Zip line


Suggested Tours

4 Days Leisure Tour in Apuseni Mountains


Summary: Visit Historic city of Cluj or Oradea. Adventure yourself in the Romanian Transylvanian country-side while visiting caves, waterfalls cycling through gorges and eating at fish farms. Experience hikes, adventures and the delicious Romanian food and drinks. Cycling: 90 km 1500m climbed and 1500m descended


Day 1: (5-10km) Land in Debrecen, transport from airport to historic city of Oradea with complementary spa treatment. Custom fit bikes and cycling around the city center. Optional wine tasting.

Day 2: (40 km) Transport to Remetea in Apuseni Mountains. Cycle on the scenic route to Meziad cave and further to the Farcu Cristal cave. Have lunch at a local fish farm, finally cycling to the Traditional Guesthouse. Romanian stew cooked over bonfire.

Day 3: (29km) Traditional breakfast cooked by locals followed by cycle to Zece Hotare through the picturesque hills ending up in Suncuius. Visit the Big Hungarian Cave and optional white water rafting or kayak canoe. Stay overnight at hotel with spa, sauna and traditional food for dinner.

Day 4: (10km) Cycle to Vadu Crisului where you have the option of going on a Via Ferrata route. Transport back to Oradea or Cluj with time for shopping and visiting the city. Transport to airport.


Price: £785 p.p


7 Days Leisure Tour in Apuseni Mountains


Summary: Visit Historic city of Oradea. Be stunned by the grandiose Apuseni Mountains with spectacular caves, glacier, hikes and peak views. Relax by lakes and waterfalls and experience the Romanian culture and adventurous spirit through white water rafting, Via Ferrata routes and traditional guesthouses. Bonfire nights, traditional Romanian food and drinks will complete your Romanian immersion. Cycling: 205 km 3000m climbed and 4100m descended


Day 1: (5-10km) Land in Debrecen and transport from airport to historic city of Oradea with complementary spa treatment. Custom fit your bikes and cycle around the city center. Optional wine tasting.

Day 2: (20 km) Transport to Suncuius in Apuseni Mountains. Cycle to the Big Hungarian Cave and experience (optional) white water rafting, Via Ferrata or hikes. Visit Vadu Crisului cave and stay overnight at hotel with pool, sauna and traditional food for dinner.

Day 3: (26km) From Suncuius cycle through picturesque heels to Rosia. Check in a traditional guesthouse and have the afternoon off.  

Day 4: (31 km) Cycle to Cristal cave Farcu with lunch at local fish farm. Light cycle to the impressive Meziad Cave. Transport back to the Traditional guesthouse.

Day 5: (44km) Cycle to Remeti starting with a beautiful descent into Damis and Bratca. Admire the Boiului rocks and Tipleu peak. End the day with a light cycle to Remeti and relaxing by the pool and sauna. Games, other activities and walks available at the guesthouse.

Day 6: (48km) Busy day of cycling through the Iadului Valley, visiting the Iadolina Waterfall and Bridal’s Vale Waterfall. End up in the Ski Resort Stana de Vale from where you will be transported to Padis – at 1200m.

Day 7: (26km) Light cycle through high-peaks to Glavoi where you will see the full beauty of Apuseni Mountains. Visit the Lively Fire Glacier and Ponorului Natural Fortress. End the day with transport back to the airport.


Price: £1295 p.p

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