„King of the Carpathians” – Road cycling the highest roads in Romania

„King of the Carpathians” – Road cycling the highest roads in Romania


Tour Highlights:Set through the highest peaks of the Carpathian Mountains, deep into the heart of Transylvania, the “King of the Carpathians” tour is for the road cyclist enthusiasts. With a total climbing altitude of 8000 meters  and 460 kilometers (over 4 cycling days), this tour will take you passed peaks exceeding 2000 meters altitude and on 2 incredible mountain passes: Transfagarasanu and Transalpina. Transfagarasanu was named the best driving road in the world by Top Gear but we think it is even better in the saddle!

Can you be the “King of the Carpathians”?

  • Featuring: Crossing the two highest mountain passes in Romania
  • Difficulty: Hard to extreme (900-120 kilometres and 1500-2500 m. climbed)
  • Departure dates: 2nd-7th of August 2021
  • Group size:Up to 15 people

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Day 1: Land in Bucharest or Sibiu, transport from airport to Curtea de Arges. Custom bike fitting

Day 2:(115 km, 1470m climbed)

This wll be the first day of cycling starting with a delicious breakfast. You will meet the steepness of the Carpathian Mountains. Pass historical village of Horezu and climb to the start of Transalpina in Novaci where would be your second over-night stop. Medium incline of 2.9% with maximum incline of 19.8%.

Day 3: (110km, 2880m climbed) Cycle on the incredible Transalpina pass, reaching an altitude of 2120m. Enjoy some incredible views with an average incline of 5.3% and a maximum incline of 15.5%. Stop overnight in Sugag area.

Day 4: (124km, 1250m climbed) Transit day from the end of Transalpina to the start of Transfagarasanu.

ith a medium ramp of 2.8% and maximum altitude of 979meters, this day is all about the wonderful landscapes that the Carpathian Mountains provide! Reach Cartisoara where you stay overnight.


Day 5: (118km, 2390m climbed) Final day of the tour takes you on the famous Transfagarasanu road, named the best “driving road in the world” by Top Gear. Passing Balea Waterfall you climb up on the famous bends and reach the glacier Balea Lake. Beautiful descent down to Vidraru Lake with closing the loop at Curtea de Arges. Maximum incline 27% with medium incline of 7.2%. Max altitude is 2212m.

Day 6: Transport to the Saxxon city Sibiu. Visit the Old Center and transfer to the airport.


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2 – 7 August 2021

2 reviews for „King of the Carpathians” – Road cycling the highest roads in Romania

  1. 5 out of 5

    George Smith

    A young team, with great ideas, pure cheerfulness and good organizers. Transalpina and Transfagarasan passes are stunning. Climbing these passes was like pushing beyond my limits and what a great achievement! We had some problems with the transport, we weren’t picked up in time from airport, but it was due to a technical problem with the car! Overall, I am satisfied.

    • danghita94

      Dear George, I am very glad to hear that this cycling tour helped you in exceeding your limits. We apologize for the delay and any inconvenience it caused.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Ken Adams

    A very demanding but stunning tour. The Transalpina was one of the hardest climbs I managed to do with 19 miles of uphill battles. Be prepared for something challenging! The support van was helpful with my flat-tire and carrying the luggage from location to location. Will return hopefully for other tours with Dan and the team.

    • danghita94

      Dear Ken, we are very happy to see that this experience was challenging for you. We would love to have you again with us.

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